Sydney Celeste started modeling in the early 90's starting in 1991 when she won her first national beauty pageant "Americas Most Beautiful Baby." By 1997 she was modeling under CD Models and Talent and worked as a child model in Georgia, South Carolina, and Tennessee for Sears, JcPenny, and Belk department stores in catalogs and adds. At that time Sydney was also doing many pageants and won several local and regional. Sydney also began to cheerlead competitively. Along with all that Sydney sang often around the local area and became known as the resident all around talent of her area. She was offered a record deal with a christian recording company in 1999 but declined because she said she would like to pursue other types of music. Sydney also has done a variety of theater and commercials including Easy Off, JcPennys, Belk etc. After year 2000 Sydney began to go back to school and was a normal child for some time. In 2009 after a long break Sydney began modeling again but this time more grown up and sophisticated. Without an agent for the first time in a while Sydney enjoyed being able to do what she wanted to do creativity and find her own path. She began glamour modeling and was soon noticed by Kaboom Magazine in LA and that gave her the confidence to continue going. Since 2009 Sydney has been featured in over 50 notable glamour magazines such as DreamVixens, Moll Mag, RHK, Southern Vixens, Maxim Russia online, and others. Sydney continues her love of modeling to this day with trips to the Bahamas modleing bikini's by Currrently Sydney has her own made for youtube web series "Kels and Syd" Documenting her journey with her new best friend Kelli. Just two actresses making their own hilarious way in the world.   She also had an extra part on the Cinemax tv show "Banshee" and "Extreme the Movie." Also currently she is interning at Fleet DJ's and will soon be a radio DJ personality and working with Artist/Producer Verceti Vercti of Hydri Media on her own music . Also she is working on a short film, writing a poetry book, and modeling for Music Meets Fashion runway show. Hopeful and optimistic Sydney is always ready and willing to do what she loves and work hard for what she wants now and always.


 Celeste on what it feels on the inside to be a glamour model -   "I feel like every time you are in front of the camera you are creating a certain feeling…I like portraying different emotions and showing different parts of who i am and what i like about being a confident female."


Celeste on advice for up and coming models-    "You really have got to know who you are and what you are going to take and what you aren’t stand up for it and just be what you say you are. There is only one you so take you and put it into all you do." 


Celeste on her favorite memory and inspiration from her career so far-   "The fact that I know I have inspired other young girls to go for whatever it is in their life that they would like to achieve whether that is modeling or what have you. Several people have reached out to me and told me that I have inspired them to follow their own dreams and that for me is the whole reason I do this"