Celeste Rose is a published model, actress, singer based in North Carolina. Here on Celeste Rose official website                     you will find exclusive photos, videos, music, upcoming show dates and tickets, blog, and much much more! 

I feel like you really have to fight your way to where you want to be in this business..and even more so as a female. To be seen as feminist who likes men and stand up for women’s rights is not something a lot of people want women to feel strong enough to be. Luckily, I know I am strong enough to stand up and say what needs to be said and make choices daily to continue on this journey for myself and for women as a whole.”
— Celeste Rose

  Photographer reference: "Anyone who shoots with Sydney, be warned. Don't let her beauty fool you into thinking that's the sum of her whole. She is sharp, witty, funny, and knows what she wants, and she'll have  no problem reminding you of that. Bring skills and a personality when you shoot her. She's not your garden variety pretty face. She is a lion. Make her purr." - Douglas Lally photography 

“There are those that want to shut me up but can not. We still live in a world that discriminates women. There are people that are so hateful. They want to create feuds between strong women that do not exist. I do not wish any ill will towards any other female artist and I never have. There is room enough for all of us! I will fight for my rights as a artist, and as a human, and as a woman till the end of my days. Because I am a #braveheart and I walk in the footsteps of giants and I will not apologize for or defend my unpublished, unfinished , stolen work. If you don’t like who I am and what I have to say then why are you reading this? - Madonna
To me life is all about what you do for yourself. Making the most of everything good and bad taking the negative and using it in your favor instead of letting it defeat you. Developing a thick skin and very persistent work ethic. Never losing sight of what it is you believe in and full filling your destiny.”

- Celeste Rose